Two men rob a gas station only to have one land up kidnapping a trio of
coeds. What should have been big money turns out to be a night of horror. A
lonely man awaits at home for a high priced escort. When she arrives each
learn secrets about the other that could result in both their demises. A man is
checked into a hospital only to find out that the facility has a dark secret which
leads to a gateway to the threshold of madness. The pages within bring the
frightful mind of Joe Knetter, modern master of the dark tale. Insanity,
vampires, psychopaths, zombies, serial killers, monsters from the beyond, and
the underbelly of life. This collection spans a decade of Joe's writing including
tales from every subgenre of speculative fiction. Fear not for your own
wellbeing, but do prepare to have horrible nightmares the moment you cross
beyond the wall of sleep.
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