The verdict is in
"After reading big Joe's book I drove to Compton and had my cervix stomped

Tiffany Shepis
"Think of the most disturbing, disgusting, and depraved subjects, and Knetter
surpasses them all........Twisted Loneliness is not for the faint of heart. It caters
to the same audience that loves splatter films and horror with gore a-plenty."

Scott A. Johnson- Author of
An American Haunting
"Unabashed, uninhibited, and in your face! Horror the way the way horror was
meant to be. Author Joe Knetter is fearless in terms of leading the reader
down the darkest pathways of human nature."

Steve "Uncle Creepy" Barton
"Joe Knetter should be locked up in solitary - but let him keep writing while
he's in there!"

William Butler- writer/director   
"I could not get past the opening sentence of any of these stories without being
sleazed by projectile vomiting."

Bill Johnson- Leatherface: TCM 2
“I am frequently torn between puking and masturbating; sometimes I do both.”

Aine---Horror and Hilarity
"Scared me so much I stopped sleepin with Grandma!"

Bill Moseley - TCM2, The Devil's rejects
"Knetter is a fucking screwball. I guess that's why we get along. All kidding
aside though, he really should be committed. Before it's too late."

Kane Hodder
"The literary equivalent of Syrup of Ipecac. Joe Knetter is the Shakespeare of
Kyra Schon - Night of the Living Dead
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